About Us

ConsoleFlare was founded as a rebellious upstart to address the issue of disorganized information for trending technologies available on the Internet.

Due to the expensive cost of these courses, which solely taught theory and did not include any applications or projects, Learners were forced to struggle.

The course instructor had no idea what they were teaching because they were unfamiliar with industry practices. Students must continue learning and strive to qualify for interviews after the course.

As a result, we've handpicked high-quality content for clearing out interviews and landing your dream job cost-effectively.

Our magical courses include industry-experienced instructors, an application-based approach, learning in your native language, and mock tests - The perfect combination for technological success.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue an exciting, well-paying career.

So, if you're from a non-technical background and want to enter the IT field, You've come to the correct place!

Welcome to the world of Data. Welcome to the ConsoleFlare